Dual Z Rod Kit

  • Where can I get a dual z rod kit for the Max? All the ones I see for the Max have Z rods that are too short.

  • @Aaroneous Adding a second Z is a good option. See if the sliders for CR-10 V2 fit, they did for my Ender 3 V2, the bright red looks cool too 🙂 and a real upgrade for the left side where there was no room at all originaly for things like filament sensor and BMG extruder and well just about anything.

    You can parallel the wires to the existing Z stepper. Shouldnt need to raise the current from the stepper driver.
    3rd party kits do usually have all the cables and other pieces you would need including the right hand slider, but I found these to be misaligned and pretty poor generally, Z screw needs to be good, so used original parts and, where it suited, better parts like the sliders from the CR-10 V2

    Creality parts used:
    Stepper motor and stepper fixings. (same as left side your model, use T nuts)
    Z screw rod (your model)
    Z stepper cable (long enough to reach, any model)
    Top bar loose bearing stabilizers (CR-10 V2, CR-10 Smart, CR-6SE)
    Left and right X gantry Z sliders (CR-10 V2 )
    Right side only Z slider (CR-10 Smart,CR-10 V2, CR-6SE, Ender 3 V2 Dual Z kit)

    The Creality parts have pretty much all you need such as roller bearings, T nuts for screw rods, nuts/bolts everything you need for mounting them properly.

    The Ender 3 V2 dual Z kit from Creality does have most everything you need, loose bearing stabilizers, mounting for moving PSU (?? V2 dont need PSU mounts but they are included), stepper motor and mounting. Z screw to stepper connector, right side slider and all nuts n bolts etc. Not sure the stepper motor parallel cable is long enough for MAX? Z screw wont be long enough either, thats about it though.

    You will need to move your power supply

    You can use a belt but dont need to. Just the loose bearing stabilizers at the top will be fine. If you use the belt option then it will keep the alignment once you have aligned it. I have one machine with belt and one without.

    With parallel setup the belt works to keep them aligned. Requires manual alignment and will drift out of alignment without belt. Specially when powered down.

    With dual stepper driver, Use BLTouch to align them, is built into Marlin and on the UBL/ABL leveling menu, can be part of your print gcode even, tis quick so no biggie.

    Parallel leveling is a matter of a little patience. Using an object underneath the X gantry (on the support legs) set height just touching the object on one side then move the object to other side and turn that stepper by hand until the same - repeat until both sides agree. Lock your belt u, if your using one, and you should not need to adjust ever again, belt wins this one. Level bed to gantry moving nozzle side to side so it is just touching (put A4 paper under nozzle just to protect build surface) until bed aligns to gantry.

    Some align gantry to top bar, but I align to the support legs under the gantry as they should be your single point of truth. then align the bed to the gantry.

    The dual stepper driver option requires changing the controller board so you have independant Z drivers. This does open the door for auto Z leveling using BLTouch etc but of course is not as easy to setup as it requires board change AND most likely you will need to compile your own Marlin.

    Starting with using a parallel wiring option is easiest and solves the single Z issues without too much fuss.

    used on several different Ender/CR-10 printers , with 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 boards, parts are generally interchangable with few exceptions.

    BTT SKR E3 Turbo is a good fit if you want dual Z stepper drivers, plus a lot of other goodies. I like sensorless homing regardless of there really being no benefit. And modding the hot end and right side belt tensioner to get full bed coverage with the BLTouch makes quite a difference with dual Z auto leveling. but thats for another day.

  • I dont know what Ender 3 Max your looking at but not a single MAX i have seen comes with dual Z ball screws

  • My Ender 3 Max didn't come with two Z axis screw, not sure what @admin is referring to. I'd like to add a second Z screw as well to prevent the inconsistent level on the opposite side of the bed from where my Z screw is. Adding the BL touch leveler just seems to make this issue worse.
    I've only seen one dual z upgrade available for the Max but it uses a belt and tensioner which I can't see being that much of an improvement. I would think it would have too much variance using an addon belt. I'd prefer to get an additional stepper motor for the second Z screw. I was thinking using the upgrade kit used for the pro and v2 but get a 500mm screw to use in place of the included Z screw. However I don't know if this will work either, I am not sure if voltage is sufficient on the Max to run two Z axis stepper motors. I have seen posts for these upgrade kits where the voltage was sufficient for their use.
    Has anyone actually gotten a dual Z axis screw and stepper installed and working on the Max?
    Board - 4.2.2
    FW - BLT

  • Dear @rb9999

    This machine comes standard with a double z-bar kit, and no modifications are recommended under normal circumstances

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