Newbie help, Ender 3 printing with ABS and PETG

  • For my 20th birthday, my parents got me a Ender 3 printer. I have had huge interests in 3d modeling and such but I'm not very good at starting everything from scratch with printing. They got me two separate reels of filament, ABS (Link)) , and PETG (Link) . I can't seem to get a good print setting with either of them, even with what I've tried to find online. I'm using the Cura slicer currently. I don't have an enclosure or glass bed, though I've tried painting tape on the bed, though it didn't work. The PETG likes the string up a lot, and the abs strings, and doesn't stick well. I've only ever been able to get a good print with the little bit of PLA that had come with the printer itself.

  • To get proper ABS prints it is best, to print in a protected room (sort of "tent") around the printer-ABS "hates" wind and changing conditions concerning temperature and humidity. Only with that (foldable) printer-box I get good ABS printouts. For a good start use PLA-its easier to use, especially for beginners-but keep it dry-store it with Silicagel in an airtight box for best results.

  • You going to need cooling for that ABS to work, and temp needs to be higher...