Ender 3 V2 TF card

  • creality ender 3 v2 only shows 30 files on tf card even if I put more on, why?

  • The firmware settigs are such that it will not show none gcode files, or files with long filenames, or files with spaces in them or, or, or

    Keep filenames short, make sure they are .gcode files, make sure no spaces, use underscore or hyphen or plus instead. I am not sure about number of files limit? Maybe there is some limit can only show max 30?

    You could try the latest firmware, or compile your own, you can remove most of the limits and show all files, long filenames etc. Another option might be Octoprint, but that is quite involved and needs a Raspberry PI. Does work very well though, but then you would probably be compiling your own firmware anyway.

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