Ended 3 v2 vibrations during x axis movement

  • I want to start off by saying this is my first 3D printer so my knowledge base on troubleshooting is very limited. I did a good amount of research into printer setup/adjustment and common issues people run into while doing the initial tune on a printer. So I am pretty confident that I have it setup and adjusted correctly. I have done somewhere around 15 prints and everything was looking good until my last print. I started to notice a vibration noise coming from one of the motors when the x axis would make slow movement’s. It only seemed to happen when the x was the only axis moving, the print was essentially a square so there aren’t any compound movements involved. I decided to watch the printer a little more and noticed one of the times I could see the bed vibrate along the y axis very quickly when I heard the noise. After seeing the vibration happen I stopped the print and checked over everything, as far as I could tell everything was adjusted/tensioned correctly and square (belts weren’t sagging roller wheels were snug while still spinning without to much resistance). So I don’t know if I have an actual problem or if it’s just something normal that I haven’t experienced yet but all of the prints have been without any major issues. If anyone has had this noise or could offer any insight please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Hntr11 could be a normal sound. Some prints involve tiny rapid movements that can produce more noise than usual. It's usually a thin area of 100 infill but not always.

  • When I got mine, it was ok, but Z offset kept moving, after trying everything else (typical) I stripped the bed and found axial movement in one of the bed roller bearings. when you press the center of the bearing there should be no movement. in my case I had to press fairly hard but could get movement just using my fingers.

    I also noticed some vibration appear after that. When watching the print it was when doing small squiggly lines, and felt like the bed causing it, so I tightened the belt a little bit and it went away. the belt tension is a hard one to find information on. But I find that loosen off until very slack , almost falling off, then slowly tighten until there is some small stiffness to the adjustment knob, also you will see the belt stop stretching. It is not twangy like a guitar string tight. more 'snug', so basically the adjuster is loose then as it starts to stiffen a little is about right, maybe a tiny fraction more?

    other than that, and you said you have checked all the screws and bolts, then I have no idea beyond check all the bearings to ensure you dont have a bad one with play in it like I did.