Ender 6 "Silent Mainboard"

  • Hi,

    I see a "Silent Mainboard" being sold on Amazon for the Ender 6 (along with a BLT kit), but I also see that the webpage for the Ender 6 already states "ultra silent printing".

    Can anyone tell me if this is replacement is for earlier versions, and if a newly purchased Ender 6 will already come with the updated "Silent Mainboard" already installed (or will I need to buy and replace)?


  • I have had my ender 6 less than a year, and although they are still being shipped with the V4.3.1, they are not as described. The drivers are a mixed set, X and y are tmc2208 and extruder and z are a4988

  • just an update for you guys, they are still shipping ender 6 with v4.3.1

  • 4.2.7 is advertised with TMC 2225
    Ender-6 was** advertised with TMC 2208

    ** lately creality strips useful information like that from the specifications they publish, so we end up relying on third-party info to make decisions before purchasing. Not ideal.

    But yes my Ender-6 does whine too, and makes R2D2 noises, especially when tracing paths with a lot of curves.

    @edias said in Ender 6 "Silent Mainboard":

    I wonder what drivers ir even what board came with my Ender 6...

    Well there's one way to find out for sure...........

  • I received my Ender6 last week l, and all i can say os that the "silent" moterboard is not that silent... I have an Ender 3 with the v4.2.7 board and that is really silent. On the ender 6 i can hear the drivers "whining", and that is dissapointing. In the ender 3 all I can hear are the fans.
    I wonder what drivers ir even what board came with my Ender 6...

  • @kozmic it would be helpful if you gave some specific info.

    I got mine in Dec, and it came with v.4.3.1. That's the same board as the one currently pictured on vip.creality.com (although that site seems to be priced for bulk orders only, explaining the low prices).

    Maybe somebody with a more recent purchase can say what version they got.

    I actually find extruder fan to be the noisiest thing about it, not necessarily the steppers.

    If it's a question about a specific listing, best to ask the seller what exactly they're selling?? In spite of whatever you find out here, that's kinda what really matters.

    I'd advise to try out the printer stock for a while before going out and buying upgrades. You'll find out if it's even worth it, and can make more informed choices.

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