How to put back the spring in extruder?

  • Please someone ! I tried to replace My extruder , but im now stuck with the spring that you have to push in the Hole , it wont get in no matter what i do! 😭
    Is there a trick or something ?

    Sorry for My English !

    Thanks guys

  • @Cr-6_man

    This is very tricky, there are a couple YouTube videos on this and a few of those are an animation of how to remove all the screws and parts and how to put it all back together that’s the first thing I would watch. Then there’s another YouTube video of somebody showing how they put the spring in but there’s more to it. The tiny thin little screw that goes through those tiny little blocks there’s two of them make sure those blocks are in correctly then you screw until it just goes in a few turns only a couple of turns. Then you push the spring against that side of the wall where the screw side is and at the same time as you’re putting it back on to the other piece you push like the middle of that spring I used an Allen wrench toward the wall near the small screw side then push the piece in , you kind of have to add an angle will push the spring in against the other wall. It still might not go fully in so apple more pressure to the spring this time the other end it will slip in with some force. I had to do this several times because most of the times to Spring would would slip and be vertical instead of horizontal so it’s tricky. After several tries you will be able to do it. I need to make a YouTube video on this.

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