CR-6 SE shuts down when trying to Preheat

  • CR-6 SE shuts down when Preheat PLA is pressed. It was ok yesterday and I printed successfully via USB. The unit could not recognize the SD card (which was verified good) when the unit arrived on the 27th of August and I am still waiting for the after-sales team at to response to my email of 28th of Aug. Please help!

  • @admin I too am experiencing the same issue now.
    Please can you provide the following information.

    1)How many Ohms was the resistance on the heatbed & hot End?

    Looking forward to your timeous response.

  • @almoy
    Dear, thanks for your idea, I have sent it to our engineer to learn.

  • Dear @admin Thank you. The problem was the rocker switch which worked intermittently. There were 2 pairs of terminals. I checked for continuity at the vacant pair with the switch in the ON position and it was good (closed), while the terminals with the wires connected (in the factory) stayed open. So I moved the wires to the vacant terminals and I was able to power up the printer. Since then everything worked normally as it should be. NO more problem with Preheating PLA and prints came out great. The culprit was the power switch.

  • Dear @almoy

    Yes, we now have a specific email address, , only for CR-6 SE, please send your video here. thank you.

  • Dear @admin, I emailed to but it couldn't be delivered. Here is the notice from
    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
    550: recipient not found. #ERR_TO_NOTFOUND

    Is there another way?

  • Dear @almoy, as this is a little complicated, we need your videos for the issues. Could you please send an email to with your test videos, and enclosed with this post I have replied to you that our engineer will not send you the same thing to save your time. Thank you. this is the email address only for the CR-6 SE printer.

  • Dear admin,

    Thank you for your prompt response. Here is my answers to your guidelines.

    1. Heating the nozzle and hotbed separately: I was able to preheat the nozzle to 200 only by increment of 50 degrees, such as 100, 150, 175, then 200. Tried to preheat the hotbed by incremnet of 5 or 10 degrees but never got to 55 degrees without the power shutting down.

    2. Power supply gear is adjusted to my local voltage (115V).

    3. The input and output of the power supply are checked to be correct with a multimeter. (One time I could not turn the printer on with the switch in the ON position and there was no voltage at the red wire , shown at the LOCAL VOLTAGE in your photo. I thought there was a bad connection so I unplugged the wires at the switch and plugged them back. Then there was a 115v power at the red wire terminal. Now I don't think it was a bad connection. Could this be any kind of a special switch? )

    4. I do not follow this step. I Checked the under side of the hotbed but did not see anything like what is shown in the photo you provided. Am I looking at the wrong place?

    5. I am completely lost in this step. I don't know where the nozzle thermistor is. Is the output end of the hotbed the same as the 'Hot Bed Power Output' terminals shown on page 15 of the User Manual? (Next to the 'Power Input' terminals, lower left corner of the page.)

    I would appreciate it very much if you would take time to explain more on steps 4 and 5 if possible with photos/diagrams specific for CR-6 SE 3D printer.

    With Regards,

  • Dear @almoy,
    There are the following ways to check if it works:

    1. Heat the nozzle and hotbed separately, see which one will restart, provide video

    2. Check whether the power supply gear is adjusted to the local voltage. The wrong power supply voltage will cause the heating to restart

    3. Is there a multimeter, you can measure the input and output of the power supply.

    4. Measure the resistance of the hotbed board.

    5. If there is no multimeter, it is recommended to connect the nozzle heating wire to the output end of the hotbed and connect the nozzle thermistor to the hotbed thermistor to the hotbed thermistor. Restart, heat the nozzle, heat the hotbed, see which one will restart after heating, provide video

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