Ender 3 v2 Black Display followed by no movement

  • Hello,

    This morning printer was working fine. This afternoon, black display of death. Only thing I had done was to power off the printer during lunch.

    I've read several of the other threads. Here's the troubleshooting I've done so far:

    1. Updated the firmware to the display as described on the Creality video. Screen turned Orange.
    2. Updated the firmware to ender-3-v2-marlin-2.0.1-v1.0.1.bin. Screen now displays! I selected AutoHome, and the display says, auto-home, but the motors are not moving.
    3. Updated the firmware to ender-3-v2-marlin-2.0.1-HW-4.2.7-mainboard-V1.1.2-combatible with BLTouch and filament detection as that was the latest on the web site. After boot, motor are still not moving.


    1. What happened to cause this "crash" in the first place? Printer is less than a month old and only 10 prints performed.
    2. How do I recover from this and get the motors working again?
    3. Does this happen frequently to others?

    Thanks for your help,

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