Why is this ender 5 plus such a pile of shit!

  • I bought this pile of garbage for my son a few months ago and since then we have yet to fully print one thing! nothing sticks to the piece of shit... i have tried different temps from 40 to 110 for the bed nothing works, I have tried tape and glue wtf is with this pile of shit? if i knew it was this bad i would have bought another 3 d printer...

  • Bought second hand returned one from eBay. peice of glass / mirror .I found the recommended temps bit off, unless realty warm where printer is 🙂 try 60 65 on bed and 215 220 on nozzle. Sticks perfect .let it cool and it will wiggle straight of . Also ender 5 with crealitys glass bed texture side down. Bottoms look like they been extruded.. YouTube the heck out before giving up .it will make you smile

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