Ender 3 max spiralize trouble

  • Hello everyone

    I bought an ender 3 max and I’m having a trouble with printing in vase mode (spiralize). When the bottom layers has printed and the printer will start to spiralize, it’s! The printer print a step and stop, print another step and stop, also the menu got lagged. If I stop the print, everything become normal again.
    When I print with spiralize mode (incurs) turned off, the print is fine.

    So I think that it’s a firmware trouble.
    Anyone has this same trouble? How can I fix it?

  • @user-paulo
    I have the solution. On your printer you need to disable the power recovery. As when printing in vase mode the z axis is constantly moving upwards. And with power recovery enabled it saves the progress of the print for every layer change. Which is causing it to stutter as it trying to constantly update the progress. Hope this helps