Problem with z axis, always on same heigh

  • Hello

    I have the Ender 3 Max Printer since a few days.
    I leveld it and checked the Extruder settings.
    Today I want start my first „real“ object. A CUBE 20x20x20mm

    I have a problem always on the same height... the cubic got a „blob“ on the layer height. Look at Max picture, please.

    What’s wrong?!8812082A-AFF9-42BC-A69E-F39664F64E58.jpeg

  • Thank you

    I did it before I read your answer.
    I have a lot of problems with the z axis roller, because thus are 6 pieces.
    Please, can you prefer a YouTube video? I searched one, but didn‘t find anything...

    I prefer German videos, but if it is in English, I can understand it, but it’s a little bit difficult.

    I removed the z-axis to pull it by hand....
    I lost my feder. When I reinstalled the y-axis, I couldn’t compress the feder. Now it looks like the picture
    Is it a problem?FC414DE6-7201-41DD-AEEB-CA3236283EF5.jpeg

  • Check the guide rollers are not too tight, and there is no 'bump' you can feel when you move the axis by hand. Check all axis including bed. You will probably need to adjust them.

    Mine came with bumps due to overtightened. Use the off center adjuster wheels to loosen them up until the axis moves without a bump. It should move freely but have no wobble or play. The adjuster rollers are the ones where the standoff the roller is on is not round. It is shaped so you can turn it with your spanner to adjust.

    Looks like Z axis rollers, but I would check them all.

    Best way is to slacken them off until there is wobble and play, then slowly adjust until there is no wobble or play. If you grab the rollers with two fingers, you should be just able to turn them while preventing the axis from moving. This should require only thumb and first finger, but should not be easy to turn.

    You should feel the bumps have vanished as soon as the rollers are adjusted and the axis has been moved around a couple of times.

    There are quite a few youtube vids you can find about adjusting the rollers if you are not sure about anything.

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