CR-10 V3 Changing filament

  • I have just got my printer and was wondering
    what is the excepted method of swapping / changing from one filament to another?
    As far as I know it does not have an unload function or am I wrong?

    any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • @Oldsubguy86 If you are getting a 'change filament' message, although you have not run out of filament, then it is a problem with the filament sensor and/or sensor wiring. Some people have reported problems with intermittent sensors on this forum.

    I have bypassed the sensor on my machine ( so you could do the same (...just so that you can get on with printing a few objects and make sure that there are no other problems with your machine) while you look for a solution.

    When I say "bypassed" I mean I have cut a short length of filament and pushed it into the filament sensor, and then run the filament directly into the print-head/extruder.

  • @SteveDee I just finishing putting my together and started my test print I pretty much immediately err change filament. Not sure how because I have not even got my first print done.

  • I'm pretty new to this myself, but as no one has answered so far, this is what I do;

    • pre-heat the hot-end (185'C for PLA)
    • while its heating up, raise the print-head to (say) z = 100mm via the menu
    • once heated, rotate the cog on the print-head forward and insure that hot plastic is extruded (i.e. no blockage), and then remove the extruded piece of plastic
    • rotate the cog backwards while holding the filament with the other hand, pulling lightly to sense that the filament is coming out
    • once the filament is free of the jaws, you will be able to just pull it out
    • re-load new filament

    I hope that helps.


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