ender 5 v1.1.4 board flashing

  • i have a stock ender 5 with bltouch
    i flashed my board to have bltouch and i dont like it and want to go back to stock firmware how do i do this, i have downloaded progisp v1.72 and the firmware from the downloads page but i get 'cannot open file "location" the system cannot find the path specified'
    how can i flash back to stock firmware
    need help

  • i did find the right programmer and no matter what firmware i flash it doesnt work, i get 3/4 of the ender logo appear then it stops
    i have ordered the 4.2.7 board from creality to replace the 1.1.4 8bit board

  • I used the arduino ide to flash the marlin snd I since tried to flash the stock and found out why i kept getting the error but no matter what firmware I flash for the 8bit board it won't work I get the ender logo start to load then it stops 3/4 the way and won't start

  • i tried that and i flashed the bltouch with audino uno which i am trying to find but with trying the default flasher i have no firmware now on the board ahh

  • @thecaver99 . exactly same way you flashed bl touch firmware through usb .try extract with unrar or zip my default archiver on Ubuntu unpacked it to 16 gig lol.

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