What's causing this, please help.

  • I've been having a problem with the Creality Ender 3 v2 printer I purchased last month. It behaves like it misses G-code coordinates. Additionally it will suddenly race to a few coordinates, then go back to a decent movement speed. As an example, I printed this part and there are corners missing because the extruder didn't move fully out to the corner, it looks like it stopped at the inner wall and then moved to the next corner.

    part002.jpg part001.jpg

    I went into the Creality slicer software that came with the printer and verified in the preview that the toolpath was going to be correct. At the layer in question, this is what the software shows:


    This looks correct. Additionally, when I open the G-code file in a toolpath viewer, it shows a normal toolpath.

    The following pics show the areas of concern based on the layer. The red line in the first picture is indicative of the extruder toolpath. It gets to the lower corner, then cuts over to the opposite corner in a straight line and finishes the skirt. It does this both times when extruding the skirt.

    slice004.png slice003.png

    Am I running the wrong firmware? Is this a different issue? Thanks in advance for helping.

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