Is there a Z Stepper Adjustment?

  • Hi,

    What is wrong with my Ender 6? It is stock unit, no BL touch. When I print 1/2" to 1" height, I start to hear the Nozzle scraping over the printed top layer.
    It does this once it reaches a certain height. My bed is very leveled. This is very frustrating because I attempted many times to print a figurine and I use structure supports on the finger tips.

    The nozzle would knock off the structure supports every time during the printing. I also added brims and it still knocks off the brims from the surface. It is not the surface bed or nozzle height.

    It has something to do with the Z stepper motor? The bed is not lowering quite enough so the nozzle ends up hitting the top layer?

    Any ideas? I'm stuck now and don't know how to resolve this.

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