Ender 6 - preheating issue

  • Hi, I am sorry for second post but I am still struggling to set up my new machine 🙂 I tried according to the manual pre-heating but it fails.

    "Heating failed - Cycle power ."

    As I understand it there are two components nozzle and bed. Based on the screen nozzle should get up till 45 and bed to 195 (or similar). When start heating the nozzle's temperature starts increasing - but it crash before it (can?) reach 45 degrees - however if I force it down but switch it off/on and try it again and again before it cool down I am able to reach 45.

    The bed is not heating at all. If I understand the internet suggestions properly there is a temp sensor and timeout when temperature is not moving for some time.
    As the bed connection there are two cables - with two different connectors , so no way I connected it wrongly. I tried it to re-connect it multiple times, nope - didnt help.

    Doesnt look like a sensor issue as I cannot feel that bed is heating.

    According to the internet I should check ambient temperature , well I live in Sweden 😄 ... however it is inside apartment, so shouldn be problem.

    Thank you

  • @AZOR and the suggestion to check ambient temperature relates to checking the temperature reported for nozzle and bed before trying to heat them up. They should be much the same.

  • @AZOR the nozzle is the 195 degree part and the bed is the lower temperature part. Knowing this may mean you have been checking the wrong item for temperature increase. Use caution checking nozzle temp as it heats quickly and gets hot enough to burn.

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