Troubles with PP printing

  • Hello,

    I've been trying recently to print PP with my ender 5, with a quite challenging part as it has a big flat area at the bottom, as you can see there.
    The part is roughly 150x150x50 mm

    After few tries, I cannot manage to print it...
    try n1 . . . try n1 zoom
    try n2 . . . try n2 zoom
    try n3 . . . try n3 zoom

    So far what I can tell is :
    First try was a clogged nozzle, the aspect was quite terrible and it stopped extruding after a while; I cleaned it and seems better afterwards.
    Second try I had warping on the bed so I increased the temperature to 100°C
    Third try seems to have warping after few millimeters, ended up clogging (again!) the nozzle, and this time I have no idea what to do

    I have an Ender 5 Pro and I use Creality software and you can see the settings here

    Thank you for your help !

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