Ender-5 Plus : The nozzle never stops extruding

  • Hello,
    I am totally new in 3D printing. I've got a new Ender-5 Plus for 3 days now. I had a hard time to catch what is a home level and aux leveling. I thing I've got it now.

    But I have a problem : it's very difficult to adjust the levels (home level with the 0.2 mm gauge, or aux leveling with a sheet of paper). I saw that it is better to do these adjustments with a hot bed and a hot nozzle. But as soon as the nozzle temperature is above 180 °C (200 for PLA), it does not stop extruding a thin filament, even if it is not printing. Hence, the nozzle is never clean and the adjustments are wrong. See the 3 attached pictures.

    I am in touch with the Creality support and I am waiting for an answer from them. Would someone have any clue about what could be wrong and what to do to fix this up ?

    Thank you for reading me.
    Best Regards,
    Alain Reiner

    extruding_3.jpg extruding_2.jpg extruding_1.jpg

  • @Alain_Reiner
    Ok Alain, I may have underestimated your problem.

    When the nozzle/hot-end is heated to (say) 200'C, the filament may flow out of the nozzle for a short time, but it should not keep coming out like a leaking water tap. This is because the filament is driven by the feed motor, which should not be running until the material is required for printing.

    Even when printing, the extruder motor only pushes the filament through the hot-end/nozzle when required, and even retracts the filament (pulls it back a short distance through the extruder) when not required.

    I don't know what your problem is, if heated filament keeps coming out of the nozzle for more than a few moments.

    • Is the extruder motor slowly pushing the filament? (on my CR-10-V3 I can easily see when the extruder motor is turning in either direction, but I don't know the layout on your printer).
    • How long does the machine keep extruding for? (e.g. 1min, 5mins, forever!)

    Getting help on this strange forum appears to be really difficult. There are far more unanswered questions here than I am used to from my experience of technical forums. (where are the experts, where are the Creality insiders?).
    So I am sorry if my suggestions are not much help, but at least I am trying.

  • Hi Steve,

    @SteveDee : thank you for your answer. Sure it helps because I need to know if I am doing wrong things. So the permanent extruding when the nozzle is hot is not only me.

    So I achieved to adjust the aux leveling and the home level, pulling the filament out and keeping the nozzle hot. but it gives me another problem : I tried 2 different ways for beginning the printing and none is working. The first stage of the printing is warming the hot bed and the nozzle. Then, the second stage is the auto-leveling. So, I keep the filament pulled out and I launch the printing.
    1st way) At the auto-leveling, at the 16th measurement, I push the filament back. So there is some wrong extruding for the first lines and I get the wrong lines away using a small tool. But it's quite difficult to do it properly, I have to re-do it several times before getting the printing really starting.
    2nd way) I keep the filament on, and I start the printing. During all the auto-leveling I've got this wrong extrusion and when it's the time for really beginning the printing, it does not work because of all this extruded filament in the way.

    I plan to test a third way : to warm the nozzle at 170 °C, so there won't be any extrusion and it will be close to the operation temperature. I will let the filament on, and then I will have to get all the wrong filament away, extruded by the auto-leveling, at the start of the printing. The last part is not easy...

    Could not there be a valve in the nozzle ? so the filament would be extruded only when required... I don't know a thing in 3D printing but it seems obvious to me... When I want water flowing, I just use the tap...

    Anybody could give some advices ?

    Best Regards,
    Alain Reiner

  • I have not been using my Creality printer very long, but I now level the bed with the bed set to the working temperature (say 50'C).
    I do not heat the hot-end/nozzle because of the same problems that you mention.
    Instead of using paper, I use metal "feeler gauges" and aim for a gap of between 50-80nm (0.05-0.08mm).

    Make sure you remove any extruder plastic while the nozzle is cooling down, prior to levelling the bed (I use a small mirror to inspect the nozzle, with the print head raised maybe 80mm).

    I hope that helps.

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