BLTouch instability problem

  • Hi, I have bought a BLTouch v3.1 to run on my Ender 3 v2.

    ( from my local store.

    I've tried it with different firmwares (I have just updated the mainboard, not the display). I have the og mainboard, so I assume that is the 2.2.2 version.

    What happens is that most of the times, I can do a good bed leveling measurement, but at the first probe point, the probe don't fall down sometimes. Once the first probe point is done, it has never failed to complete all the probe points. Just the first seem to be the problem. Then, when I am to start printing, it loads the model and then before starting printing it is supposed to just measure the center of the plate, it most of the times fails to drop. It seem also that the few times I managed to start the print, the first layer may be offsetted (it was better leveled without the BLTouch). I do not get an error message in the display. It just stops.

    I think the firmware should NOT be the problem.

    My question is now; What is most likely?

    1. The cable between mainboard - BLTouch?
    2. The probe itself?

    There is a small adjustment hole on the probe, but I do not want to start fiddling with that before I understand if that is the root cause. I assume the probe should be adjusted correctly from factory? Should I return the BLTouch and get another (the store is just 10 minutes away) or do I need to try something out first?

  • I did replace the BLTouch to a new one with the same behaviour (bought from a local trustworthy shop) - likely the BL touch were from the same batch.

    I bought a non original BL touch incl wire for a Creality 3v2, it showed out that it was not the cable but the sensor itself. The cheap sensor works perfectly. Cant say anything about the precision of the mesurement but at least it does not fail.

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