Double wall with gaps

  • Hello, im new to 3d printing but loving it. I have the ender 3 max and use tinkercad and cura. I'm having a problem with the walls on small boxes iv been trying to make. I keep getting duel walls with a gap in the middle that makes my walls flexible. I started with 0.4 and tryed 1mm nozzle and altho larger nozzle gave thicker walls I still got 2 walls with a gap between them. When I design them I take 1 square, duplicate it and reduce it by a 4-5 mm and use it to create a hole. My aim is to have 2-3mm walls but as I've said I get a thin wall then a gap then another thin wall that continues to the end of the print. I hope that gives you enough information and hopefully someone will be able to help.

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