Calibration - Paper or not?

  • The product page suggests that paper is required when doing the z-axis zeroing but the video of the calibration on youtube shows it being done without the paper. What is the correct zeroing process?

  • @ims
    Yes, I think the first layer will be the print quality/layer thickness + the thickness of the paper.

    I just measured an A4 sheet of standard weight copy/printer paper using vernier calipers and it was 0.1mm thick. So setting the bed using this paper, and for a quality/layer thickness set to 0.2mm in the slicer, the print nozzle will be about 0.3mm above the bed when printing the first layer. This should give good results.

    If the print head is too close to the bed, the first print layer will be more "smeared" on the bed than it is when the gap is larger.

  • Then first layer is always ( x + paper) ?

  • Most people start with a sheet of printer or photo-copy paper. The important thing is to create a small uniform gap between the print nozzle and the printer bed. A sheet of A4 printer paper is something that many people may already have or can easily get hold of.

    I am now using an ancient set of metal "feeler gauges" which I used to use to set the spark plugs on my cars...back in the day.

    I use the 3 thou gauge as this equates to around 80nm (0.08mm) which I believe is about the thickness of printer paper.

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