Ender 3V2 will not stick after perfect first 5 prints.

  • Newbie query. My new Ender 3V2 worked perfectly for 5 prints after I first set it up. Then it stopped sticking. It will do perfect initial 2 strips on the side but the object will not stick. On change of direction it pulls away. The filament seems to be extruding way too slowly - just a fine hair. For the initial side clear out the extruder stepper moves ok then for the actual print the feed slows right down and is barely detectable by eye. I have tried all possible adjustments, height, temperature, new filament, objects, bed level tests etc. What have I missed?

  • Ah ok fair enough. Just didn't see you mention it on your original post is all.

    Increased bed temperature and staying away from drafty rooms are also common fixes for anybody else reading. Then again you can also find all kinds of tricks like using glue sticks and Ikea mirrors too.

    Just a PSA about using isopropyl alcohol to clean the bed: it had been reported here in this forum to damage bed surfaces somehow. Sounds like it reacts with the black coating. This in spite of isopropyl alcohol / IPA specifically being mentioned in manuals that came with some printers. Later the admin said not to:



  • I had carefully set it up from new and was pleased it had worked perfectly from the start. Then no stick. I then tried cleaning with Isopropyl alcohol, white spirit solvent, soapy water. Adjustments, bed levelling etc. Nothing made any difference.
    The Lacquer worked instantly. I hope this helps someone else.

  • @Bontgoch said in Ender 3V2 will not stick after perfect first 5 prints.:

    What have I missed?

    Cleaning the bed?

    Or to save cleaning before every print, move your models so they don't print exactly where you already printed something.

    Just dish soap, scrub with a softish cloth, rinse, dry with a clean (paper) towel. That does wonders for me. Don't need anything else.
    Less likely to get you in trouble with the missus.

    The stringy extrusion sounds like a nozzle on it's way to being clogged. Give it a google that to see if it's something you want to try cleaning too.

  • Thanks. That works really well. Totally uniform print on a full width bed circle.
    But I'd like to know why I had to raid my wife's beauty stash to get it to work.

  • i have found that removing prints can sometimes leave a small amount of oils from your hands on the print bed.

    i just pop mine off (when it's cool) and wash it with a little bit of dish soap. if that doesnt work a light dusting of hairspray usually does the trick.

  • try a little hairspray...

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