CR-6SE printing speed

  • I just received my CR-6SE and have done som prints. I use cura as slicer, and has my speed set to 50mm/s print speed and 25mm/s wall speed. I noticed when the print starts, that it is set to 100, so i quickly changed it to 50 on the printer, and then it stays at 50 the hole print. Does this mean that the printing speeds used in Cura doesn't apply to the printer, or is the speed number on the printer (100) just not what it is actually printing

    I guess my question is; if i start a print, and just let it print, will it print with 100mm/s the whole print, and don't use the cura settings?

  • @andr591f

    I think it will use the settings in CURA there will be a set of gCodes in the file. I would test this to prove this to yourself. Go into CURA change that setting to 100mm/sec then slice it, The time saving should be about half the time it was at 50mm/sec. Save both files on SD Card name one 50mm other 100mm. See if the time or % correlate to the time it said in CURA. Print someone small that takes 5 minutes you can prove that it is using the settings from CURA and not the default settings in the CR-6 firmware.

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