Ender 5 Pro BLTouch/beginner help

  • Hiya folks, recently purchased an Ender 5 Pro and gotten it assembled, all went smoothly and I was ready to take my nervous first steps into 3D printing. Switched the printer on, expecting sparks and an explosion, but miraculously it started deploying the BLTouch probe and settled into a starting position with the hot-end several mm above the print bed.
    With a bit of research I knew I had to level the bed and/or calibrate the BLTouch before the first print, so I used the printer controls to move the Z axis around, however the bed reaches its top-most position well before making contact with the hot-end.
    I tried raising the bed manually using the bed-leveling knobs and brought the bed to where it grips the paper a good amount, then entered a z-offset position of -1.0 into the printer and stored those settings. Pressed print aaaand.. it ignored the z-offset and started printing miles away from the bed.
    I've seen folks talk about moving the Z endstop sensor, others advising the use of Pronterface and changing some sort of G code to ignore the Z limit? I'm very confused about what the next step I should try is. I've seen stories of hot-ends melting through beds and such, I don't want to ruin this printer through my ignorance.
    I'd appreciate any and all help, this uncertainty is nightmarish.

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