Ender 3 V2 - X belt tensioner fix by CHEP Filament Friday!

  • Credit to CHEP for this genius simple fix to get the X belt tensioner tight. Creality should add this solution to their kit with addendum sheet with current fixes along the way to reduce unnecessary support hits.

    The 2 screws / bolts share the same mounting hole and bottom out to each other. He put a 1mm washer on the back side screw to back it out so the 2 screws don't hit each other.

    Thank you CHEP! 👍


    PS. Hope this also helps the X BELT also being offcenter (at right side pulley bearing) which may rub on aluminum extrusion profile? Cannot figure out if this can be adjusted?

  • @admin

    Thank you!

    As for the x belt right of printhead, if belt off center of pulley being towards front under profile... solution may be to move right end of x belt in its slot back some to center more on pulley to prevent rubbing under x axis brace aluminum profile.

  • Hi Tim, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. I will transfer these suggestions to our team, if any news will update here. Thank you.

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