Missing kickstarter printer

  • Has anyone in the uk received there printer through the Kickstarter my tracking details show that my parcel is in Germany but after calling ups they told me that the tracking number is active because it’s been payed for but there has never been any parcel scanned so it’s never arrived in Germany
    And creality are not responding to my emails so I’m starting to get pissed off.

  • @admin
    Ok thanks that’s all I needed to now
    Again thanks for your reply
    Many thanks stevie

  • Dear @mrgray


    Please follow the shipping time leading:


  • My name is Steven gray backer number 7653 UK
    You sent my a tracking number 1z64988v6860953392 for ups and after speaking to ups it seems that ups have not received the parcel can you look into this and send me an update please
    Many thanks stevie

  • Dear @mrgray,
    Please don't worry, we are here to support you.
    Please leave your backer number and email address, that I can check your shipping details and let our people contact you.
    Thank you.

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