Ender 3 extruder stepper motor not turning after 2 hours of printing.

  • Afternoon All
    I was hoping someone could shed some light on what could be the issue.

    when the printer has been going for about 2 hours the extruder stops extruding (turning)
    At first I thought it was the hotend clogging but after many nozzle replacements and changing to a microswiss the same thing is happening. The next step i did was upgrade the board to the silent one and same thing happening.
    I then measured the current on the driver and turned that down to 1.1 and still seems to be happening.
    I've checked the wiring and all is in check.
    I've changed the filament, same.
    I'm now lost at to what else it could be, only thing i can now think of is the extruder motor is maybe over heating?.
    The strange thing is I have a slightly older machine with exactly the same upgrades and it works fine.
    If anyone else has had this problem and resolved it, id be grateful if someone could shed some light on how they overcame this.

  • Hope everyone has verified voltage switch in the back. Mine (brand new) came switched to 230v and ran fine.....for a while. Then it starting doing all kinds of weird stuff. I toiled for hours trying to figure it out and it was the 230/115v switch in the back ! All problems were solved.

  • Hi! So I purchased my second E3V2 3D printer a couple of weeks ago. My first printer was a major source of frustrations at times, and especially up until 2 weeks ago. But, it gave me a heads up as to what to expect after printing on an E3V2 3D printer 24/7 for 7 months. I'd had extruder problems, under-extrusion problems, bed-levelling problems. You name it, I probably had the problem. The lever on the stock extruder of my older first printer also cracked, and I replaced it with an aluminum one. In my opinion, these types of extruders, both plastic and metal, are flawed in design. They are inadequate for feeding filament to the hot end, and especially at lower temperatures. So even PLA can become a problem to print. In any case, they do not seem to be 100% compatible with Creality's stock hot end. As for your problem, which you described above, it appeared to me a couple of times by itself and disappeared by itself, at a time when I did not hope to solve it.

  • Exclude the card material problem (the extruder has filaments in the main card to cause the extruder not turn) That's the motor/wire problem. If you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact cs@creality.com.

  • Having the same problem with a 1 year old 3V2. Usually requires power cycle to correct, Sometimes runs for 30 hours sometimes only3 minutes. Tried new stepper, new control board, new cabling, and verified no clogs or filament hangups. removing the drive spur gear alone does not correct problem. Gear does not catch or bind 0n anything. The biggest problem is that there are apparently no replies to problems like this, not even from Creality so I guess we are all SOL.

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