CR 10s Pro V2 End of Print sounds

  • Hi everyone,

    I Love my CR 10s Pro V2. I have upgraded my fans to nocturnal so it is super quiet. So quiet I do not even know when my print ends. Added Octoprint, Wam-bam, glass bed, and a 5000w Laser (easy easy to install a laser) Installs in mere minutes and well worth adding to your printer. I highly recommend it.

    The thing I need most is a way to play a tune at the end of print so I know the print is finished. I have searched everywhere looking for the solution (M300) codes do not work.

    I would appreciate any help


  • You simply say "...looking for the solution (M300) codes do not work." So I don't know exactly what you have tried.

    Therefore my input may not be any help to you, but may help others that are searching this forum for answers.

    The two basic requirements for sound are;

    • a printer controller fitted with an audio transducer
    • a recent version of Marlin (although mine is v1.1.6.0)

    The audio transducer on my CR-10-V3 appears to be a simple D.C. voltage device which produces a single fixed frequency.

    I tested it using Pronterface on a Linux computer linked to my printer. Any frequency > 0 produces the same sound, but the length can be set.

    M300 S1 P1000
    ...where S=frequency & P=duration, makes a sound for 1 second (1000ms).

    Using the Cura Slicer software (V4.9.0) I added a simple sequence of codes to the end of the Machine Settings Start G-code section:-
    M300 S1 P1000
    M300 S0 P500
    M300 S1 P1000
    M300 S0 P500
    M300 S1 P1000

    ...and something similar to the end of the End G-code section.

    So now all my prints include a very annoying sound just as the printer starts printing and when it has just finished printing.

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