Rookie way over my head w/ 3 in 1

  • Thank you for your patience as I am brand new to 3d printing and not really a computer wiz either so I may ask some super basic questions that most of you've long surpassed or answered a trillion times so the mercy and assistance you can spare is much appreciated. I bought the creality 3 in 1 3d printer and the Ender 3 as a bonus buy and Ive managed to get them both assembled and calibrate my 3 in 1 for the 3d printing component but I am totally confused about the software and basically everything from this point to printing an actual 3d object of my choosing. I know there are sample files on the flashdrive that came with the Ender 3 but where is everything else like the these use the same software and are there any short simple videos on youtube for folks like me or am I going to need a degree to use this stuff...(sarcasm) If anyone can point me to some resources to find this info or could clarify what I may not yet understand about this part of 3d printing, I'd really like to get caught up and running and would be so happy to hear some pointers from someone about this.

  • @admin
    I watched the video. It did not answer the question or help at all. Poor.

  • Dear @KIMDANIEL4LIFE, we have a youtube channel that uploads some video for our 3d printers. It may help you?

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