New Ender 6 SD card shorted mainboard?

  • After assembling the printer and turning it on, everything seemed to work fine, but once I turned it off and put a newly fat32 formatted SD card in it, I am stuck on the loading screen. I cannot get any response from Creality, after two requests, and over a week of waiting. I have a 4.3.1 mainboard.

    I've read other posts on here, with seemingly the same problem, but those solutions don't work, probably because the outer red wire going to the SD card reader is burnt and is no longer electrically continuous. I disconnected everything from the mainboard, and I don't see anything burnt, but it will not boot past the loading screen.

    I bought a replacement v4.3.1 mainboard on Amazon, and I hooked everything else up, except the SD card slot, and it seems to work fine, but I would like the SD card slot, and to know whether the problem was the slot itself, or something with the motherboard. I tested the power supply, and there's no reference to ground, but maybe that's normal for a power supply.

    I do not want to disassemble the printer, send it back, order another one, and have the same thing happen. Maybe someone from Creality, or anyone can give me some ideas. I'm thinking fluidpi with klipper, so I don't need the SD card slot. I still need to upgrade the firmware, though, for BL Touch.

    Please help.

  • hello recieved my ender6 today
    like to know witch srew weare talking about to prevent problems
    wr Henk

  • stocky5342, Thank you!

    I had a similar problem, it just stopped reading my stl file (oddly it would still save the EEPROM.DAT file)

    removed the bottom right screw and it works perfect. You saved me a lot of trouble.

  • To anyone having this problem I found the solution!!. The SD card reader shorts itself out on the bottom right screw that connects it to the printer housing.

    Current solution is to just remove the screw and all will work once again 😀😀

  • Not nice to hear these frustrating cases, but these are all times where posting in a public forum is bound to get a slower response, if any, compared to contacting creality customer support directly.

    Sure, it's a good way to vent, or see if others had the same issue.. and please do share here the results of your 'customer service experience' and the eventual end solution to your problems.

    I just hope you're not only posting here when things are broken basically out of the box.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • @chazincaz...i'm in the exact same boat you are and it's so frustrating

  • I am having this issue out of box and I do not want to send back right yet... =( sorry i don't know the answer!

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