Z height sensor broken after removing filament

  • When changing filament I used the method to first push a bit with a heated nozzle and then pull the filament. I saw a blue filts coming from the extruder PCB.

    The Z height sensor no longer works, there is no trigger from the strain gauge and the blue light of the extruder PCB does not give a signal. I replaced the strain gauge with an identical spare part but no signal on the extruder PCB.

    I also replaced the extruder PCB with an identical spare part, also without result, with the additional consequence that the blue light does not even blink three times at start-up, with the original extruder PCB it does works at start-up.

    Is the problem with the motherboard?

    Probably something just burned when pulling out the filament, with the strain gauge sending too big of a signal to the extruder PCB, hence the blue indicator light gave a big flash.

    I don't know which part I need to replace to get this Z sensor working again, the machine is sitting idle now, what can I do?

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