New CR10S Pro V1 extruder crashes against right panel when I tried to align

  • This is a brand new machine I just put together last week. For some reason, the extruder rolls to the center at first, but when I try to aline, the extruder does not stay in the center, moves, and crashes against the right panel and makes bad noise. Suggestions on how to fix this will be welcome.

  • Were you able to resolve this? If so, how? I may have the same issue. Here's the specifics for mine, so see if we're having the same issue:

    -If I try to home, or try automatic leveling, which "homes" first, the X carriage will slam into the right side (opposite side of the level switch) and grind up against the frame.
    -If I use the touchscreen to move the carriage to the left, it will move the proper direction, but only to the middle (as if it thinks the far right is the center of the bed). It even indicates this on the display.

  • @Berberusa
    Please check if the X-axis is level, please refer to this video to adjust

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