DIY Upgrade PS to Mean Well - UHP-500-24?

  • Anyone tried replacing the stock PS with a Mean Well UHP-500-24 (no fans)? How did it work? Any pointers?

    I am considering swapping out the stock RSP-500-24 with the UHP-500-24 which is fan less and thus noise less. I will also replace the case fan with a quieter Noctua or similar fan (lower air flow)

    The UHP-500-24 has an open mesh cover and is supposed to be mounted on an aluminum plate that is 450mm x 450mm. The case of the CR-10S Pro is big enough but is steel & thus less conductive.

    To take care of any excess heat I'm thinking of:

    • Add heatsinks to the top under the bed on either side of the belt

    • Add one or two fans at one of the front side vents

    • Worst case I could add more vent holes

    It's a total experiment. Just wondering if anyone else has experimented with this too.

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