Print consistently warps on only one side, CR-20 Pro

  • Hello, complete newbie here.

    I got my CR-20 Pro last week and have been having a blast with this.
    My prints seem to warp on the right side of the bed, only when the prints are large enough. If you look at this picture: you can see it slightly warp and I have seen this with other filaments too when coming this far out.

    Is my bed not heating consistently all over? How do I fix this?
    Or could it be another issue?

    It happened the first times with Spectrum filament, extruder 215 C, bed 70 C. The filament in the picture is Creality HP PLA, extruder 200 C, bed 70 C.
    I've read that some might think these temperatures are high and some think it's fine. I couldn't get the Spectrum filament to stick at lower bed temps, and I read that the Creality HP needs bed temps around 70 too.

    I hope someone can point me in some directions.

    Kind regards.

  • Dear @sjkn

    It is recommended to make the hot-bed temperature to be 60, if you use the soft magnetic platform. And from your picture, you still need to level again.

  • I had similar issues. It started when I changed the initial layer height from .12 to .3 in my slicing software. I changed it back to .2 and then .12, and it stopped doing it. You might want to take a look at that.

  • Not an expert by all means, but from the picture it looks like the print is thinner on the righthand side. Bed leveling perhaps?

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