Ender 5 pro bed does not stay levelled

  • Since a few weeks I have my Ender 5 pro up and running. I use a glass printplate. I am able to manually level the bed and make a print. Tho the bed does not stay levelled, it seems to lower slightly. After each print I need to level the bed again. With longer prints I have the idea that the level changes but I have not been able to confirm this.

    I gently take off the glass plate to remove the print so this shouldn’t effect the level of the bed. I checked the frame of my printer and it seems square as far as I can see. Before levelling the bed I pre-heat the bed to 60 degrees.

    For the last week I have been searching the internet but was not able to find a solution for my problem. Is there anyone who had the same problem and was able to solve it? This issue has been driving me up the wall.

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