CR-6 SE autolevel keeps pressing printhead in the middle

  • Same problem here, although my printer doesn't give a blue light when I touch the nozzle. So it seems something there.

    The printer is just 4 days old and there is no response from support at all.
    I guess this is the last Creality printer for me. The lack of aftersales is unacceptable.

  • @admin

    I bought my printer from a retailer on Amazon and I have this same problem. Conversation about the issue seems to have stopped. What is the solution? Do I contact Creality support to get a replacement EE-SX671 sensor? Does that fix it for everyone?

    I am new to the 3d printing world, so I have very limited troubleshooting abilities here.

  • @admin I apperently had the same problem as the original poster of this forum/article. after replacing the EE-SX671 sensor with the spare, the printer started to work and function properly again.

  • Dear @MaxS @gsemre

    There is a Pin topic for CR-6 SE auto leveling, it may help you.

  • @Kohen said in CR-6 SE autolevel keeps pressing printhead in the middle:

    My CR6-SE has some trouble.

    When trying to autolevel it moves the x and y properly.
    Then it moves to the middle of the bed and start to lower the printhead

    The sensor on the left (lamp) turns off and the head still keeps going down
    Then it presses on the headbed and keeps pushing till you turn off the power...

    Even if I remove the plate it still keeps going on and on.

    Turing the CR6-SE on
    And placing a metal piece between the sensor on the left the led turns off
    When pressing on the printhead a blue led turns on in the head.

    Everything seems to work but why is it failing. Can't start any print because it keeps pressing in the middle of the headbed.


    I have exactly the same problem as it seems. I also see a blue light appearing each time I put something against?the nozzle. Can we please get super here?

  • I have the same issue with my printer. What can I do to find out the broken part?
    Should the LED be switched on during auto-leveling? What is the leveling based on?
    Which parts could affect there leveling and how can I test them?

  • I have a similar problem.
    The sensor on the left keeps burning red, and when I gently touch the nozzle, it turns blue.
    So I think that all the sensors do work.
    However, the auto-level keeps on pressing down.

    I am clueless on what to do.

  • I am having this same problem. I texted with someone online and they said to contact for tech support. I wrote to them over a week ago and haven't heard back. I don't see the cord that you are showing in this forum as the solution. What do I do to diagnose the problem?

  • @xAL1ENx said in CR-6 SE autolevel keeps pressing printhead in the middle:

    s appear to be hot glued in place, but I have t

    Did you replace the sensor ?

  • I am having this same problem. My connections appear to be hot glued in place, but I have tried pressing the cables in firmly, but the print head keeps pressing down on the print plate. What else can I try? 😞

  • Dear @Kohen

    I am so happy you have solved the questions. I think this will help other people.

    For the broken stuff, we would like to change for you. Following is the solution:
    Write am email to, this is our specific email address to solve this kind of questions, our customer service will work every day even in Weekend to give a quick reply.
    In the email, please contain these informations:
    1, the serial number of your CR-6 SE
    2, the picture of the machine and the broken material
    3, your delivery address and phone number

    After checking these details by our after-sale team, we will send you a new one. Thank you.

  • @admin

    What I did was the following:

    • Removed the cover, checked all the cables

    • The problem is still there

    • Checking the sensors

    • Replaced this sensor (EE-SX671)

    And now it is working. So the EE-SX671 must be broken or something. Can you sent a new one?

  • @Kohen
    😂 I am sorry for that
    It may be that the pressure-sensitive line is loose. Please remove the nozzle fan cover and re-plug the pressure-sensitive line.

  • @admin said in CR-6 SE autolevel keeps pressing printhead in the middle:

    probe and the main board, be sure to plug it in tightly. Use tweezers to tighten the Bltouch cable.

    This is the CR-6 SE it doesn't have a BL-Touch ...

  • This post is deleted!

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