Ender 3D v2 only reading SD card during powerup

  • My new Ender-3 v2 works just fine, except it will only read whats on the SD card if the SD card is inserted into the machine when I turn it on.
    While the machine it powered on, if I remove the SD card and insert it again it will no longer display the gcode files on theSD card. There is only the 'back' option in the list of files.
    The workaround here is to just turn the machine off and on again each time I insert the SD card. It works but is kinda annoying.

    On my Ender 3 Pro, there is the menu option to re-read the SD card after the card has been removed. Not sure why this option is not available on the Ender-3 v2.

    Is this a firmware issue? It is using the firmware which came with the machine (version 1.0.2)

  • @Rokisha mine is doing the same thing. Sometimes i have to reboot the machine several times in order for it to read the card. I have tried numerous cards from 4gb to 16gb with no better success rate.
    Then half the time when it does recognize the card the machine will not actually start the print so I have to reboot it again.
    When it works it works great but it seems like there is a bug in the card reader

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