CR6 doesn't find any files in the SD

  • I've just bought a CR6 and installed it. It seems to work properly when I do the levelling and I have added the filament with no problem, but when I introduce the SD card to try to print something, no file is found in it. Is there anything that I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

  • The Gcode files are in a subfolder. You will have to copy them to the main root folder in order to see them on the printer screen.

  • I had this initial problem too and then finally figured out you have to insert the SD card in what I would call "upside down". I kept inserting with reading strips down, like you do on the computer but they have to be up with the printer.

  • @tognaco I had the exact same problem, I couldn't see any files to print, so i put SD card in my computer to view the contents, I saw the model files where in a folder, So i removed them from the folder and put them in the root directory, Problem solved.

  • I've had the problem .... spotty ... not always. I just pull the card out, reinsert it, and my files are there. I assumed that I hadn't inserted it correctly or fully.

    Best of luck.

  • @tognaco Plug the card into a computer and make sure it contains .gcode or .gco files.

    Your printer will probably not show files with other file extensions, such as .stl

  • The ad reader has been a week spot of the printer. Did you try to reformat the card, press a little to check if the contacts are loose?

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