Ender 3 V2 Y Axis every layer shifting.

  • yaxis.JPG So I've seen a lot of posts about y axis shifting. I am having an issue with my Y axis shifting, however, all the posts i see are of a large single shift then it continues on like normal. My issue is like every layer moves about a millimeter each time causing the print to appear skewed on the plate. I attached a visual to show what is happening. The model on the left is what it should look like and the one on the right is what is happening. It appears to be only happening after like layer 10 or so. I have adjusted the belt tension, i have re-leveled, i have tightened the motors, i replaced the nozzle and the extruder. Please help.

  • @jdrobin

    Did you find a resolution to this issue? I have the same on my Ender 5 Pro. Troubleshooting begins.

  • how hot is the y motor?

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