Problem with bed levelling

  • Hi folks, a 3D newbie here.
    I have built my new Ender 5 pro and am trying to level the bed. It seems as if the bed is sitting too high in the auto home position because I can't get the sheet of paper under any of the 4 corners. Even with the 4 knurled knobs slacked right off the board is too close to the nozzle. I can get the paper under if I press down on the bed but then I can't move it around at all. How do I get the bed to go lower so that I have a bit of adjustment with the knobs/springs? Thanks for any comments you may have. Cheers.

  • Thanks for the help. I think that I have it now. Printing my first (the cat) as a test. Here's hopeing all goes well. // Tucats

  • @Tucats Yes, by tightening the 4 knurled knobs, the bed is pulled down and the springs are compressed.

    Initially, tighten all four by roughly the same number of turns so that the nozzle is well clear of the bed (as you don't want the nozzle dragging along the surface of the bed when you check/adjust leveling). Then you can start to re-adjust each corner, but note that adjusting one corner will have an effect on others. So a slowly-slowly approach is required.

  • I don't see any nuts under the hot bed. Unless you mean to tighten the 4 knurled knobs on each corner of the bed. I guess that would squish the springs down tight. But will that lower the bed?

  • Dear @Tucats

    Tighten the nuts under the hotbed and then the platform drop

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