Can't get Bowden tube out of hot end.

  • I'm still trying to diagnose my extrusion problems. I'm having the exact same problem on 2 different printers (identical printers - CR-6 se).

    I've ruled out the nozzle. I've ruled out the extruder mechanism (at least as far as there being dust or dirt jamming the cog). The extruder wheel does spin when I do a "feed" from the LCD panel, but it does it very slowly ....maybe it's supposed to move slowly.

    I couldn't check my bowden tube, because I can't get it out of the hot end. Maybe this is a clue (end melted/warped?).

    Specifics: 1.75mm PLA (does it with any brand).
    Cura 4.9.1 slicer software

    I did an extrusion calibration by marking the filament 100mm from where it enters the extrusion box, then doing a 100mm "feed" from the LCD panel. It's only extruding 25 - 45 mm of filament instead of 100. A definite problem!

    2 problems really .....

    1. inability to get the bowden tube out. I'm removing the blue cincher thing, pushing down on the black thing, and tugging with all my might. Even used needle-nosed pliers to try to pull it out, but was afraid of crimping or deforming the bowden tube, so didn't pull so hard with that. So I need advice on how to get that out. I not only want to check the Bowden tube itself, but I also want to see if there's something going on in the hot end, above the nozzle. Can't do that just yet.

    2. I don't know how to check/change the E steps. Any instructions I find online assume I have some familiarity with various softwares, terminology, and/or processes. I don't. This is a completely new problem to this newbie.

    I need help! I run a small business, have 3 printers going just about 24/7, a 4th printer on the way (shipment delayed a week .... figures!), and I'm starting to get backlogged. This is stressful and I feel totally stupid.

    Someone ... please help me.

  • My husband helped me get it out. He yanked it very hard, and when it came out, it was all black and gunky where it met the nozzle and smelled burnt. I do believe we had it at 200 degrees, because I then fed some raw filament down through the hot end (with the nozzle off) and you wouldn't believe the gooey gunk that came out (wouldn't have been gooey if it weren't heated). It just kept coming and coming. I believe the entire hotend had backed up filament in it.

    Well and good .... however, I couldn't get my nozzle to "bite" when I tried to put it back in. I thought maybe there was some goo in the female threads, my husband thought we'd maybe stripped the threads. Whichever ... I still can't get the nozzle back on, so I've ordered a new hotend. 2 of them, as a matter of fact. Now I'm watching videos on how to swap that out. <sigh> One thing leads to another, and one fix broke something else. I might get me a working printer by the end of the month. <thud>

    Thank you for answering. I haven't had much luck getting answers here on this forum. I sure do appreciate it.

  • The bowden tunbe can be tough, is your hot-end warm? I usually do this operation while checking the nozzle, with the hot-end at 200+, depending on the material I was previously using. If there is some material between the end of the tune and the nozzle would be otherwise impossible to remove the tube.

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