One at the time

  • Hi there,

    I have the following question. That is because I am working on my own line of all small products.

    Only now I am stuck because I try to print one by one, this only works unfortunately every time when the first object is print 0.30 - 1 minute. This causes the filament to come out and the next object is disturbed. Can this be solved with a setting or in another way to use it anyway? Otherwise I have to remove that piece of filament before the printer starts working on the next object.

    I am using PLA+

  • @Refferalboy
    Are you using separate files for each model? As in just letting the printer print one and then starting a next file? That probably needs a purge line or skirt to remove the dangly bit. You also have the risk that the nozzle goes and bumps into the previous model since it will forget that there's anything there.

    If that's what you're doing now, maybe it's better to consider adding the multiple models in one g-code file, for example by right-clicking the model in the slicer and choosing "multiply model". It will print all at the same time, layer by layer, so you'll finish them in batches.

    With this way, you might need to play with the spacing of the models and/or retraction settings, to prevent oozing filament that comes out after moving on from one model from making a mess when it begins on the next model.

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