motor extruder stuck on Tpu filament creality ender 6

  • Hello, I would like to know why with the filament all it works at the beginning but after its hangs at the motor level, we hear clack clack clack suddenly the filament does not manage to go up and when I extract the filament I see that it is damaged Basically, I can print with tpu only if I uncheck the retraction in cura.

    alt text

  • @JohnClassic
    Point of clarification:
    The extruder fan should be on whenever the printer is powered on. That is the fan on the front of the hotend housing, blowing on the hotend heatsink. Cooling the top of the hotend stops filament from melting too early.

    The part cooling fan is the only fan that can be controlled. That is the blower fan on the right side of the hotend, with the little duct hanging below it. It is meant to cool the melted filament that was just extruded out of the nozzle. It is at least not intended to cool the nozzle itself or the hotend. It would be counterproductive if it did. Normally it is turned off, and turned on some time into the start of a print (like 5 layers}, depending on your settings.

    If that's not the case, and you didn't intentionally modify it, then something went wrong.

    (edit: I was mixing "extruder" and " hotend")

  • Are you sure that the extruder fan is working when this is happening? I found that on my Ender 6 that the fan stops very early in the job, and I have to manually turn it on - otherwise, with the fan stopped, the heat works it way backup into the print head, and causes a blockage. While I'm not sure that's exactly what you're experiencing, it might be worth taking note of - as it appears on your video that the filament is blocked.

  • Proof in video on link youtube : Stuck Filament TPU

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