Ender 5 BL issue

  • Hi

    New to 3D printing so first post on the group.
    Having issue with an Ender5 Pro and auto bed leveling.
    The BL has been pre-installed by the supplier of the printer but the printer was supplied un-built.

    Initial setup for the 0.2mm spacing between nozzle and bed done and then following the instructions on the installation sheet to level the bed and recording the values of "A" and "B" and the creating "C" still causes the nozzle to hit the print bed.
    B= -5.39
    C therefore = B+A = 4.09
    Stored the setting and then check they are stored but the nozzle still hits the bed on the next print !!!

    I have carried this out a number of time
    This figure is then entered and saved but when I go to print the nozzle still hits the bed !!!

    What am I doing wrong??

    Thanks in advance.



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