Ender 5 BL issue

  • Hi

    New to 3D printing so first post on the group.
    Having issue with an Ender5 Pro and auto bed leveling.
    The BL has been pre-installed by the supplier of the printer but the printer was supplied un-built.

    Initial setup for the 0.2mm spacing between nozzle and bed done and then following the instructions on the installation sheet to level the bed and recording the values of "A" and "B" and the creating "C" still causes the nozzle to hit the print bed.
    B= -5.39
    C therefore = B+A = 4.09
    Stored the setting and then check they are stored but the nozzle still hits the bed on the next print !!!

    I have carried this out a number of time
    This figure is then entered and saved but when I go to print the nozzle still hits the bed !!!

    What am I doing wrong??

    Thanks in advance.



  • HI,
    make sure your firmware is up to date.

    With Z offset set to zero your printer should show Z to be at 10 after homing. It moves 10mm away from the bed after homing for safety. Normally with a BLTouch if you move Z to zero (according to the display) the nozzle will now be roughly 2mm away from the bed. After homing your nozzle should be roughly 12 mm away from the bed when measuerd. This value is of no interest except to check your BLTouch and nozzle are mounted and operating correctly.

    You get the Z offset by removing the Z offset (setting it zero in settings) and first leveling/homing then measure the distances. Use feeler guage or stack of A4 paper (10 sheets ~1mm) to measure the nozzle distance to bed after homing with zero Z offset in your settings; to get a ballpark figure so you know your at least within the correct distance of around 2mm or if you actually are 4mm away (should check your hardware and BLTouch mounting if it really is 4mm) As your crashing the bed I suspect it is around 2 (2 is more usual but spec does allow up to around +/- .75mm deviation )

    According to the Creality video, with a Z offset of 0 in your settings your Z height after homing should be 10 (according to the display). So see what you get and let us know this value.

    See if this video is relevant to your model, video is for Ender 5 plus/pro, maybe the 5 non plus/pro uses a different co-ordinate system? Either way we are looking for the Z=10 after homing with no Z offset and a measure of roughly 2mm between nozzle and bed when you move the nozzle to zero (zero according to the display).

    Also note in the video the value of 10 after homing is a positive value , and a plus value for Z offset would place the nozzle further away from the bed. Positive values for Z offset should not be crashing the nozzle into the bed. In fact your nozzle should be even further away from the bed than with zero Z offset (unless it is a quirk of the Ender 5 range?). Regardless, measure it to know if your even close when you try doing the math. You should be around the 2 mark for Z offset if the BLTouch is mounted according to specifications from the manufacturer, antclabs.com.

    After setting the Z offset accordlingly and after homing you should now also see the Z height to be around 12 as in the video.


  • Your math is a little rusty. -5.39 + 1.3 = -4.09. The sign matters. + values will be below the bed surface and cause the bed to crash into the nozzle.

  • This post is deleted!

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