High pitch Sound

  • Good day, any help is appreciated. I purchased an ender 3 Pro last year from Amazon and it has been nothing but a huge frustration. I am sure I’m not telling this crowd anything, but when you buy a new unit, and they send you a refurbished unit, send it back. That said my motherboard went out the other day at the nozzle port connection, so I purchased another motherboard which had the upgraded version of V4.2.7. After plugging everything in and turning the system on I get a loud tone that dose not stop and the ender home screen does not transfer to the main screen. The motherboard then resets every 10 seconds or so and the cycle repeats. This will continue until I unplug the nozzle port from the motherboard. This would suggest to me that there is a problem with the nozzle except that this piece is also brand new. The only other thing that I can think of is the firmware version, for if I select the about printer on my home screen it says that it’s a Marlin 2.0 V0.0.6. Could this discrepancy between the home screen and the new motherboard cause this problem and if so why? Also would buying the upgraded touchscreen with the same version as the new motherboard solve this problem? To those of you out there that are saying just buy a new printer already; I’m with you, however, it’s a pride thing at this point. Thank you for any assistance.

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