Very loose print head on X-Axis

  • Hello, I have gotten a secondhand Ender 3 Prothat is in great shape... except the print head is super loose! I've tried adjusting the eccentric nut multiple times now, and checked any/all other nuts and bolts that might be the issue, but it's still quite wobbly. Is it possible that something is bent or wore down maybe? Can these parts even be replaced?

    picture of the underside of the printhead & eccentric nut

  • @mindwave Hi try to adjust the exentric wheel nut, and tension of motor belt.

  • Shilo,

    Actually it was printing fine, i juts noticed it and wanted to see what others were seeing.

    like you my bet was a fight to connect and theres very little bounce, but the videos ive seen the heads seem much tighter

    now leveling...thats a different story

  • Dear @shilo2pak

    Extruding backpanel may be deformed, you can remove and check, replace the Extruding backpanel

  • Actually I went ahead and tried printing.

    Worked fine...until today I think that's an unrelated issue

  • Shilo

    Interesting that you posted this, have you tried printing?
    I ask because i just finished my first NEW 3dPRO last night and I was wondering if it was normal or not.

    There does seem to be a lot of play, I have 2 other smaller printers and neither have any play in it.

    QUESTION: how tight is your belt?
    I ask because mine isnt horribly tight but it was a fight to get the tensioner piece in place, so theres not a lot of play in that way.

    and if my finger is on the belt the wobble seems to stop

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