CR10 V2 no USB Connection

  • I pluged in two different cables in my pc and than to the printer (and the other way round) , but on my pc (surface pro2) it doesn't shows that the printer is connected.. If i wiggle on the usb-head from the cable on the printer, the display sometimes starts new with "welcome to creality" but thats allnothing happen

    Also opend pronterface to see if it maybe isnt just shown and hit connect, but he connects, and connects...
    Any suggestions? Solutions? Got it new yesterday and already frustrated (had three missprints, second one ruined the glas surface, now i have a permanent structuremark on it, filament was squisched out of the extruderwheels creating a spring...)

    Very frustraded start but don't want to regret buying this printer

  • @Sebastian1982 If you do a general internet search you should find articles like this one which may help:

    Its super easy on Linux, but I don't have a Windows pc so can't test anything for you.

    Note: 1) although your controller has a USB connector, its really a serial port rather than a proper USB port (i.e. take a look at the controllers About Printer screen and you will see that it has a 115,200 Baud rate.
    2) also, do not wiggle the USB connectors. What are you trying to achieve? You will just turn a perfectly good socket into a intermittent one! That "Welcome to Creality" message shows you are forcing the controller to reboot...not good.

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