Newbie Help No leveling in software

  • I just bought this Ender 3 v2.
    I've leveled the bed at all the corners (over the adjustment nuts).
    Is there no "Bed Leveling" feature in the software?

    I want to run the printer "stock" before adding my BL Touch auto-leveling kit (so I know the machine works correctly, and have a valid claim if something is wrong).

    I've used the Makerbot Replicator 2, so I know a little about the setups in general (at least enough to get up and running, I thought).


  • @Blind-Squirrel - Here is bed leveling in 13 steps with more gory detail than you probably wanted. It is documented in the manual that you have to print off. This is my version.

    Bed leveling is accomplished by following these steps:

    1. Press wheel
    2. Go to PREPARE->Auto Home
    3. Press Wheel
    4. Go to Disable Steppers
    5. Physically move the Y Axis (Bed) about 1/2 inch toward you.
    6. Physically move the X Axis (Extruder) about 1/2 inch to the right (1/2 inch from the left side)
    7. Using a piece of paper (I use 24lb Bond), to make the adjustment of the bed.
    8. Move the X Axis to the right 1/2 inch from the far right side repeat the adjustment on with that adjustment wheel
    9. Move the bed to 1/2 inch from the very back.
    10. Repeat 6,7,8 at 1/2 inch from the BACK.

    That is manual bed leveling.

    I hope that helps.


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