Creality LD-002r Printer Issue

  • Salutations,

    I just purchased a Creality LD-002R resin printer from a local microcenter a few days ago. I set up the printer following all the instructions. No my issue, I can not get the printer to recognize the files, they will load up and show up on the touch screen on the print, but when I go to print, it tells me unrecognizable file format. I have been searching the internet and looking for solutions. Some of the solutions says to rename the file format.

    I have tried them as: .photon or .cbdlp or .cbddlp or .ctb

    Now I did get it to recognize a file once and print, but now, nothing again after renaming the file multiple times. The first print turned out awesome and I would hate to have to return this to microcenter because I can't get it to recognize the files. I use chitubox to slice, I believe I am on the current version of it, but I can only save them as .photon files and the preloaded profile for the Creality LD-002r printer is terrible in the software.

    Would love some help if possible.


  • @TiioakTx


    Please follow the picture 5steps to reset.

    If you can't update the software, go to this website to download the latest version

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