Some suggestions for the Creality team.

  • A little background:

    1st: I have over 35 years in IT and have been 3D printing for about 3 years. My other printers are quite good.
    2nd: I just got, and assembled an Ender 3. I am much less impressed. The instructions leave a little to the imagination and are not totally straight forward. I assembled another brand printer from a parts kit and it worked right away with both PLA and PETG. So I do know what I am doing. Their instructions are amazing.

    Why not publish the STL files of the demo dog, cat and pig? The GCODE files are not working out that well for some folks. Especially those of us with specialty filament. I did find the Makerbot dog STL and got it working on my other printers and partially on the Ender 3. Working out the kinks with adhesion. I did order and get the flexible and steel magnetic build plates with the flexi and 3M magnates. Much better than the stock Whatever-tak that is in the box.

    How about some good calibration settings for first layer? I am working to improve my results using the Ender 3 with some rudimentary first layer tests. Anyone interested in them?

    Anyone like Cura as a slicer? For one, I am not a fanboy. I am now using Prusa slicer with their configurations. Works a lot better.

    My 2 cents worth.


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